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Originally launched in 2020 as private barrel program, bourbon whiskey aged 13 years in American oak and bottled at 93 proof in hyper small batches

RED HOOK, BROOKLYN, NY (AUGUST 26, 2021) - Widow Jane Distillery announces today that it has added LUCKY THIRTEEN Bourbon to its range of year-round offerings. LUCKY THIRTEEN is aged a very unique 13 years in American oak barrels hand-picked by Widow Jane President and Head Distiller Lisa Wicker and proofed with limestone-rich water from the legendary Rosendale Mines of NY. Initially released as a private-single-barrel program at a variety of proofs, LUCKY THIRTEEN will now be available exclusively at 93 proof (46.5% ABV) in hyper small batches, little more than a handful of barrels at a time, making this bourbon addition a unique expression of Widow Jane’s signature intense, complex profile. Widow Jane president and distiller Lisa Wicker notes that the blending process with these aged bourbons is fine and delicate, and that’s what makes LUCKY THIRTEEN a real treat; well-aged bourbon in hyper small batches, and absolutely not chill filtered. The resulting whiskey has a rich mouthfeel and lingering finish. Said Wicker, “I see the ability to share really special expressions, like LUCKY THIRTEEN, with whiskey geeks and industry friends as one of the real gifts of this profession. As our stock of well-aged bourbon beyond 10 years continued to mature, we were able to match Lucky Thirteen to our signature blending process, consisting of bourbons from Kentucky, Tennessee, and Indiana. This was a very natural evolution for us, to make a rich, complex bourbon, while upping the ante in proof to 93, versus our 10 year bourbon’s proof of 91.” LUCKY THIRTEEN will now be available year-round, though still in limited quantities. It will be made available in 750 ml bottles at a suggested retail price of $99.99. About Widow Jane Distillery Widow Jane is an award-winning artisanal distillery located in the New York City neighborhood of Red Hook, Brooklyn. The company is named in homage to one the legendary mines of Rosendale in Upstate New York, from which the brand sources its proofing water. Before becoming a natural reserve of extraordinary mineral water, the mines produced the natural cement used to construct some of the most iconic American landmarks, such as the Brooklyn Bridge and the Empire State Building, among others. The pure, limestone-filtered water from the mine, plus one of the country’s largest holdings of long-aged Bourbons, and a refusal to compromise the product with chill-filtration, are just three elements that make Widow Jane a stand-out whiskey company. The facility in Red Hook includes warehousing, aging, barreling, blending and bottling. For more information, visit or find Widow Jane on Instagram @widow_jane.


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