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Very Old Carter, 27-year old American Whiskey arrives this week

Old Carter Whiskey Co. will release it's 27-year old uncut, unfiltered single barrel American Whiskey this week. As you would imagine after 27 years the angels got their share and these barrels yielded only 30 bottles.

“As soon as we discovered these rare 27-year old barrels, we knew that they were very special and we wanted to work with them,” says Old Carter Proprietress Sherri Carter, who founded the brand with husband Mark Carter earlier this year. “We knew we had to share them with the world soon, before the Angels took them all away! We chose to release these 27-year olds at barrel strength out of respect for their maturity and character, even though there are very few bottles in each barrel. This may be a once in a lifetime opportunity for us, and we are humbled to be able to experience it.”

When it comes to taste, the Carters compare the whiskey with a fine armagnac or cognac. “[They’re] complex, aromatic, rich and nutty with chocolate, toffee wrapped in spice, and velvety soft sassafras. We are in love with the incredible richness that these barrels offer. You get a hint of their age, but they are youthful beyond belief!” notes Mark Carter.

The retail price of these elusive bottles comes in at $550, but that is if you can find them. Since 2018 Old Carter has built a strong brand built on consistency and customer loyalty, so don't be surprised if you only ever see this bottle on a collectors shelf as it is sure to be a collectors item by the end of the weekend.

About Old Carter:

Old Carter Whiskey Co is the passion project by husband and wife team Mark & Sherri Carter. They began their beverage endeavors in the wine business. They produce fine wines in Napa Valley with their Carter Cellars Cabernets garnering nine perfect 100 point scores by critics. The whiskey business found them several years ago when they partnered with a Kentucky friend to resurrect a long dormant bourbon brand Kentucky Owl. That brand sold in 2017, but by then the Carters were hooked on the process of making and blending whiskies, as well as the state of Kentucky and so they started Old Carter Whiskey Co to carry on their love affair with whiskey making.

They now produce Straight Ryes, Bourbons and an American Whiskey in various locations throughout Kentucky with showrooms in both Lexington and Louisville (Louisville under construction, coming soon!). Mark and Sherri handle all aspects of the business themselves from creating new blends and selecting single barrels, to designing and handwriting each individual label per bottling. It is a very hands-on approach and has allowed them to continue to create together. It is a true labor of love at Old Carter. Being able to share their passion with whiskey lovers everywhere completes the picture for the Carters.

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