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New Boykin Rye Whiskey from Broadbranch

I had the good fortune to try Broadbranch Distilleries latest Boykin offering and wow, it not disappoint!

Nose: The nose of this 100% Rye is exactly what you would expect. It’s aromatic with a hint of eucalyptus and candied fruit. The allspice comes through in a beautifully balanced nose. There is a dimension to the nose that had me sitting with it for a while. Similar to the palette, the more you go back for, the more you get out of it. With hints of the barrel, allspice, eucalyptus and candied fruit.

Palette: This rye whiskey activates the palette right in the middle of the tongue towards the back, it hits you with an immediate sweetness that works together with the burn of the 100 proof to create a complex dimension of flavors. There is an apricot or plum that hits on the backend of the initial sweetness. It hits you in delicious waves that fold into one another. First sip is the sweet, second sip is the fruit, then at the tail end comes a crisp tasty toasted allspice that works so well with the weight of its proof.

Finish: My favorite part of this expression is the finish, it continues to unfold long after you take a sip and plays very well with the flavors you get on the palette. The complexity of this rye is what gives it legs when it comes to such a dimensional finish. You get to enjoy it more and more with every sip and the flavor it offers as you unpack this finish is off the chart.

Final thoughts: The robust flavor profile that comes with this 100% Rye offering makes it one of the best Ryes I have had since their last Boykin came out in April. I highly recommend this bottle and think it is a must have for any shelf that finds good whiskey on it. If you have the time, let is sit for a few minutes before you sip and it will open up even more. Having also had the opportunity to try this at cask strength makes me very excited to see what comes next for this Boykin Rye offering from Broadbranch!


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