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Elijah Craig Old Fashioned Week raises $100,000

Elijah Craig Bourbon has donated $100,000 raised through the success of the inaugural Old Fashioned Week as part of its support of the Restaurant Workers’ Community Foundation. With more than 22,000 registrants and thousands of social media fans, Elijah Craig hosted the event form October 16 – 25 on social and digital platforms, celebrating this iconic cocktail and excellent cause.

With much fan fair, Elijah Craig's first Old Fashioned Week offered sweepstakes, virtual cocktail hours and celebrity chef cocktail recipe walk-throughs.

Click here to watch Celebrity Chef Richard Blais "Cocktail Hour" from 10/21/20.

“We are humbled by the perseverance of our hospitality partners and the advocacy of the Restaurant Workers’ Community Foundation during this difficult time,” said Max Stefka, senior brand manager, Elijah Craig Bourbon. “At the onset of the inaugural Elijah Craig Old Fashioned Week, we committed raising up to $100,000 through support from fans on social media, donations, and engagement with our ambassadors. Together we reached that goal.”

The hospitality industry has been brutally struck by the effects of Covid-19 and Elijah Craig recognises the need of distillers to rally around and support the industry. The Restaurant Workers’ Community Foundation (RWCF) is an advocacy and action non-profit created by and for restaurant workers. Donations will go toward direct financial assistance, grants to non-profit partners, and to a zero-interest loan program for small businesses. 

“We are grateful for Elijah Craig’s support, especially at a time when it’s become increasingly clear that restaurant workers continue to suffer and the industry as a whole will not be coming back to health anytime soon,” said John de Bary, co-founder and board president of Restaurant Workers’ Community Foundation. “RWCF will continue to fundraise so that we can direct much needed financial assistance to restaurant workers, bolster nonprofit organizations that serve restaurant workers in crisis, and provide zero-interest loans for restaurants while helping them consider ways they can recreate workplaces that better support their workers.”

During Old Fashioned Week, Elijah Craig hosted a line-up of live events designed to be both educational and entertaining in support of RWCF. Highlights of the week included an “Old Fashioned Cocktail Hour” with Celebrity Chef Richard Blais and friends, “Old Fashioned Bar Trivia” with Heaven Hill Distillery Ambassadors Bernie Lubbers and Jack Choate, “The Art of Crafting Ice” with Portland-based bartender and author Jeffrey Morgenthaler, and “Elevating Your Home Bar” with Devin Kennedy, bartender at Pouring Ribbons. To relive the action, visit

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